Friday, 22 November 2013

Black Templars - Birthday Present

Black Templar Chaplain

After a discussion on the CMON forums I have chosen to use a chequer patten for the shaft of the mace. I have pencilled it on and used sombre grey and white to block it out. I will go over most of the grey with black to give a firmer chequer patten but her is what it looks like so far.

Its harder than I anticipated keeping the squares paralle and even I have a small twist in them down the center but I think I can fix that with out too much problem.  I plan to make each square have a slight gradient to represent some shadow and light on the mini.
 I have not gone down to the bottom of the shaft because I plan to give it a worn effect where he grips the mace.



  1. Don't kill yourself to hard on the checkers. Remember, they can only be viewed from one angle at a time ;) Seriously i did checkers on my 4th company dark angels knee pads and have never quite recovered from the trauma...

  2. rofl I did have to change the back as they didnt match up! Its hardest on the eyes I think I will have to get a magnifying glass if I do this shiz again.

    1. I just this year started to use my glasses while i paint and on the Fianna i actually broke out a little ott-lite LED mini magnifier i got from Micheals this year. i is getting old o_O

      Here's a link to the mini mag ya geezer:,default,pd.html?cgid=products-artsupplies-lighting%26ott-lite-craftlamps