Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Black Templars - Birthday Present

Tonight I have done quite a bit of work. The Cape I base coated in a mix of pure red and sick green and a pinch of black which made a nice dark purple I should have snapped a pick but I go carried away with the NMM. After that I used the same mix and slowly reduced the green until it was pure red. Then I added lava orange and slowly increased it to about 75% of the mix, I don't want it to be an orange cape!

The NMM was a mix of mahogany brown, sandy brown, Demonic yellow, and final touch of white, I went mad with the mixing back and forth so I cant really give a specific amount for the mix.

Last but not least was the tabard, mahogany brown, sand, elfic flesh, and white to finish. while I was on white I used a little to spot highlight.

I'm pretty Happy with the gold NMM it has worked much better than my 1st attempt.

Stay tuned next up I think I will need a little break so will make some bases for the 2 Mini's.

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