Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Black Templars - Birthday Present

A little work tonight.

For the Skin tones I used a mix of elfic flesh, sandy brown and lava Orange, mixed until I got a good base tone, fairly dark and just enough lava orange to match the brown to keep a fleshy tone. I have gone gone fairly brown on the undersides of the eye brows and have done 2 highlights quite watered down for a smooth transition. I think I will give the head a coat of satin varnish before I go for the pupils so I have a chance to fix any mistakes.

I have put a free hand chequer on the knee pad just to add a little bit extra, Done the wolf grey highlights and will get to the spot highlights.

The tabard and and areas that will be gold NMM base coated with sandy brown. I mixed a small amount of sick green to the sandy brown to get the variation on the pouch and holster. I will go for a more leathery look but would like it to be a little different.

I have base coated areas that will be white in wolf grey, I may end up painting the shoulder gold also, not quite decided. . .

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