Friday, 6 December 2013

Chaos Lord

I have been quite busy getting things done before Christmas but I managed to lay down some colours on the inside of the cloak, I will put a few glazes to define the folds on the cloak.

Blocked in the grey for some NMM unsure if Im going to pain the shoulder guard gold or silver.

I'm a bit sad I took of the chaplains shoulder pad to paint the bolter and came back from the wedding last weekend and have tuned the desk upside down, I do know that my little girl was giving my keyboard a good mash, So its possible I have lost it or once I paint a new one it will turn up. I will have to wait and see.


  1. I love the colour fade on that cloak! Let me know if you can't find the shoulder pad. I have a bits box full of old plastic and metal variants just waiting to be used - it's no trouble to throw few in the mail ;)

  2. Thanks Zab! that be awesome, I will keep you posted. I did splash out and buy the veteran sternguard box so wating for that to arrive, also I got a tracking number for my rackham warriors too :)