Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Chaos Lord

I have been looking at this guy on the web for some time, He will be perfect for our villain, with a trusty red cape. I had thought a purple on the inside would work but its not looking the part, so I'm going to put a few blue washes over the inside to make it a dark blue with lighter blue highlights.

I was sure I snapped some pics of progress but it seems they are not on my camera. A little recap on what I did. Laid down the pure red with a fine coat so it was a pinky red mixed purple and did the folds in the cape and slowly added some black to it for the deepest parts.
 Then applied a few glazes with pure red and worked up to a full pure orange glaze, Once happy with the reds went back and touched up the black/purple and to bring it all together used a 50/50 water and red ink to get the red to pop.

it would have been good to get the before and after the ink i will make sure I get it next time.

I think I will push the lights even further this time with a tiny bit of white on the ridges and edges.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah! Super high contrast. I'm trying it out on my gobo as I force myself to get over my high contrast phobia. That red is super saturated. Nice work (good photo too)!