Thursday, 14 November 2013

Space Wolf Rune Priest

I Have taken a liking to Space wolves, the story and back ground all feels exciting for me.
So I am undertaking a little display piece which my Rune priest can stand on while not busy.

I was amazed at this piece from David Rodríguez which won a Golden Demon in 2007. Its just uber, So with my skills improving I'm going to make my own little piece of Fenris. I'm a builder by trade and during some demo work I recovered a piece of Rimu. Its a beautiful wood and this piece is going to get a new life.
Once the danish oil dried I began placing cork to form an overhang at the front and the idea of a cliff at the back. My reference pic, my end goal is something like this, very layered geography will lend its self well to cork.

So I pulled off the cork around the edges and stacked it up and cut cracks and layers and ended up with this. I left some pieces flat where the snow dumps will settle.

I will have to drill out the base area for the mini, he will be too high as I will put some cork on his base. My goal is to have heavy snow fall much like the picture and add some icicles on the overhang and back of the cliff for good measure.

On a side not I'm testing the Detol paint stripping technique on a Limited edition DA chaplain. He was given to me buy the local Games Workshop, I'm going to repaint him and give him back.
The solution is 100% detol if you mix water with it the paint will come off all gloopy.


  1. Very nice. I got a miter saw this summer for my basement restoration, but I have a feeling I'll be picking up a few lengths of poplar, birch and cedar to make my own cubes and plinths...

  2. Awesome its a nice feeling being able to make something out of wood. An orbital sander is a handy item, thats what I used to start with then finished by hand moving the 220 sand paper along the grain of the wood.