Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Black Templars - Birthday Present

I was quite excited  to get home and start, I primed them last night in preparation. So after mowing the lawn and getting my little one to sleep I started.

I used Warpaints Black as the base then layed down a small amount VGC german grey followed buy the smallest highlight of a mix of 2 -1 german grey and bone white.

Its best to keep the highlights small so you don't loose the black armor and end up with grey armor with black shadows. It may look a bit over done now but after the next step it will tone them down.

I used a 50/50 water and black ink on the sargent and a equal mix of back and blue ink to the Chaplain and applied a couple layers until I was happy with the result. It may look like I have completely covered my previous layer fear not they have added depth and are still visible.
The Blue was added to give some differentiation to the rest of the army as chaplains are usually black this one has a black with a reflection of blue to it.

Next I will be working a few highlights wolf grey and some spot highlights pure white to make sure the armor has a shine to it.

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