Tuesday 13 April 2021

The Cursed City Bases

Cursed City Bases

With the introduction of The Cursed City board game I found myself wanting new bases to represent the style of the tiles. Having made the Blackstone fortress bases and Deathwatch overkill I felt it was a must to continue how I started many years ago.

This time I really wanted to step up the style of the bases so I got Carlos involved, who has much more skill in 3d modelling than me. After a few prototype bases we are excited to start production next week. We also had a competition on Instagram to name these bases thanks to djludowici for his great suggestion,  Hexed hamlet! 

Here are some shots of the Cursed City base prototypes before we start molding and casting. You will find the bases up for sale in the next few weeks at

Cursed City Bases

The cursed city

Cursed city Bases
Cursed city Bases

Happy painting!

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