Friday 18 April 2014

Sons Of Medusa WiP 3

Chipped armor with cracks and NMM Plasma pistol work.

I felt like I needed to make his armor and chain sword beaten up and the pistol clean and crisp to stand out.

You can see I have finished the freehand shoulder pad and started the Chips by making the black outlines and filling them in with the VMC mahogany and 2b2 the sand over the top to get a little colour variation. A white line under and black line around the whole chip helps to make it look "realistic" in a comic book way. You have to have a look at Camelson's work, He inspired me to change the style of chipping. Thanks Camelson.

I was not that happy with the look so I have made the cracks on the armor larger and tried to spread them out. I have gone over some of the white with the black lines so will have to re do them later. Below is the original with out so many cracks.

NMM Brass/Gold Plasma Pistol.

The colours used are much the same as usual but I added Dwarf Skin to the mix to make it a little more brass-ish, I think its turned out pretty well not so yellow.

I 2brush blended the initial colours then when back and glazed to get a finer finish.

NMM Brass/gold colours.

You maybe wondering where I used the Purple, it was for the darkest parts of the NMM work used only as a glaze to darken the Brown.

Thanks for looking comments welcome :)

Thursday 10 April 2014

Sons Of Medusa WiP 2

A little more work done yesterday. .

 Instead of telling you how I did it, I will show you the link from Dre4mit who came up with the idea for this type of base.

The Colours I have used before on the Chaos Lord Base, I did change it a little by also using Livery Green in a few small areas around the feet area. A final highlight of 50-50% white and wolf grey only for the highest points and areas I wanted to pick out.

Its not over yet there will be a few washes and pigments used to tie it in further.

Black lining with German Grey, for the sword Signal Blue then darkened with GG. I added a little glaze of Hexed Lichen purple to the shadows of the metal also. You will be pleased to see I drilled out the Plasma gun too.

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Sons Of Medusa WiP

Sons Of Medusa

After seeing a WiP post on Cmon, overdosing on all things Sons of Medusa, and getting Kumi's Mini which is my last post. I felt the urge to paint one up. Due a rainy windy day I got the chance, getting 2 hours of painting in before my family got home.

Colours used;
white, golden yellow, livery green, splinter blotches, sick green, and signal blue.


Base - SG
Shadows -  SG,SB 40-60
highlight - LG, SB
second - LG
third highlight 30-30-40 LG, GY, W
(Metal basecoated in Stonewall grey)

You could skip SB if you wanted and mix LG and SG.


The deepest shadows received SB
The Lightest parts received W with a tiny drop of GY
Last a SB across the transitions to smooth them out, the best part visible transition is the chain sword.

The glazing really pulls it together,I'm still thinking about the base so stay tuned for a surprise.


SOM warhammer wiki
Lester's youtube paint job.

Sunday 6 April 2014

kikumiku7 Imperial Fist Marine

Today I have a little show and tell.

I have been following Kikumiku7's youtube/google+ channel for a while, after contacting him for a swap he was kind enough to send me a gift. Typically it arrived while I was at work, my wife called to say a package from Poland had arrived I knew who it was from but I didn't know what was inside!

While talking to him I offered some favoured space marine chapters and said "paint something that takes your fancy, a space wolf, crimson fist, or imperial fist", expecting it would take a while I surprisingly got a message back a day later "its done and in the post!"

 It's just AWESOME!

I'm very impressed with the colour combinations and the shades of yellow used. Battle damage is simple but effective. The Zenithal lighting is great and also pulls your eye to the most exciting parts of the mini. It's great to see a slightly different take on painting the bolter. Thanks Kumi, this will help improve my painting skills and give me something to look at while I'm at my desk.

On a side note readers, you may know about Massive Voodoo  but if not check them out, they have a wealth of info and here is the tutorial on Zenithal lighting if you're interested.

Happy Painting :)

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Chaos Lord Showcase

Mega Mean Chaos Lord!

So after a rather long time and a new baby girl I have a finished mini I would like to share.
Higher res than on Coolminiornot but same images.

Enjoy, if you would like to swap him for an unpainted mini that would be great other wise I will be selling him in the near future.