Sunday 26 January 2014

Imperial Fists, Base Re-Think

I have had an hour or so each night for miniatures, I'm currently addicted to getting the scene right for the imperial fist marine.

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So after putting a base together I decided it looked too static and cut the mound off. I  looked up some scoria and squeezed some brain juice for a dynamic looking rock.
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After thinking about it all day while on Daddy duties I had this idea.
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I made the cork smaller and removed some of it so the finished piece will be a similar size to the cork.(once covered in milliput)

I think it looks much better, slightly positioned diagonally from the top view to create some depth also. 

 I was going to make it removable but my goal is to improve my painting skills not really use them for gaming. After fluffing around deciding if it was going to be socketed or not I reduced the height. THEN Thanks to Zab I cut another 2 layers of cork off so it looks much more like the sketch.

I have just glued the new formation to the old base, 2 hours to set. In case you are wondering what I used to glue it, expanding epoxy adhesive. That way I didn't have to bother getting a flat surface between the two pieces.

I will have to put a bit more milliput on to fill up the joint so I can sculpt it later.

Stay tuned. .

Wednesday 22 January 2014

Miniature Conversion / Modifying Miniatures

In my research I have discovered modifying miniatures is called Miniature Conversion. In my last post it was pretty basic chop up a marine and blue tack him together to get the feel I was looking for.

Pinned the joints that I have cut, green stuffed the angles that I'm happy with and left it to set.
 I also put a magnet in his torso and waist so I could see how he looks with out going blue tack mad.

I have a fair amount of trouble getting the stance looking good, I had to widen it so it was equal to his shoulder as it was looking a bit out before.I've raided the Sean Connery head head from another kit, will need some TLC as there is a tiny mould line down the right side of his face.
I'm really starting to think about a banner for him to hold rather than the gun, it might loose the original concept, although if you lasted the night with monsters looking at you for dinner I think it would be a victorious morning.

Space Wolf Rune Priest Update

Looking at the base for the priest I just felt it needed to have that one last highlight so I did it, I think it looks a lot better now.

Happy Painting :)

Monday 20 January 2014

Modifying Miniatures and Inspiration.

I quite like the Imperial fist marine done buy Thor here is his link and his finished mini below. Now its seems to me that a high end painter starts a trend with an award winning miniature and every one else replicates the idea in their own style and finesse. 

So Thor painted his one for a client who was was inspired buy Volomir's work on Brother Fonsel. This was His entry in GD Germany 2008, it was awarded gold in single 40k.

If you go to his blog you will see where his inspiration came from too!

 My Project pre stage 1

I'm still working on getting the pose right. I think I will have to shorten the bent leg's thigh to get it looking better.

Chainsword arm, cut his wrist and arm to adjust the sword to rest across his Knee.

I think I will swap the helmet for a face and put the helmet on the ground.

Change the helm that he is standing on for a geenstealers head.

Do I keep the bolter or swap it for something else or just give him a clenched fist and adjust his arm too.

I have chosen plain chest armor so I can hopefully nail the yellow transition and have it look really neat, I could be diswaded for a different on as I could need some thing to break up  the yellow too?


My Mind is thinking "Ridick" styles, monsters in the dark kinda thing. So having a dawn theme with him looking out to the sunrise on a clif type thing and a defined line on the base where darkness is below and a corpse of the headless geenstealer lays. It feels pretty epic to me.

Its Bold enough to challenge my skill with a different angle light source and modifications are all new to me. Currently stuck together with blue tack and missing half a foot Im still playing with compostion. Once Im happy with how he looks I will snap some reference shots so I can pin and milliput his new pose with references.

Ideas and expertise are appreciated.

New Baby Girl

On wednesday 15th, I had the pleasure of meeting my little girl. Her big sister is very chuffed about the "buba"

Baby duties for a week and a half and then back to work.

Sunday 19 January 2014

Descent Second Edition and happy New Year!

Happy New year to all!

 I am still deciding what my goals are this year for painting. All I know is that I want to keep on improving, Being active in the CMON forums is a great help so I will keep on with that. I'm looking forward to Meg Maple's Master Class in February, I expect I will learn a lot, somethings I know about and others I don't even know I will learn until I do!. 

I would quite like to score an 8 on CMON buy the end of the year, we will see what happens.
I'm going to enter the Wellington Golden Brush again this year run buy the local games workshop. I will try for all categories, I have until September to get them all done, So Ideas would be cool. I know they have been getting hauled over the coals for a while now but I still like their miniatures and try to paint a variety of brands. On a side note I'm looking forward to painting some rackham steam dwarves with Zab too.

News. .
My brother and I have been painting the board game Descent off and on for almost a year, having finished most of the monsters.Last weekend we  decided to start some hero's.

Our goal was to make the hero's as much like the cards as possible. Bear in mind these are works in progress, the only monsters that are finished (just need basing) are the fish bad boys!
Fish Monsters

 Dragon 1 the other will be green like the card, a few extra highlights to be done and details.
 Base colours have been laid, next is details and some small pure white highlights.
last but not least table top Ultra marine.