Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sons Of Medusa WiP

Sons Of Medusa

After seeing a WiP post on Cmon, overdosing on all things Sons of Medusa, and getting Kumi's Mini which is my last post. I felt the urge to paint one up. Due a rainy windy day I got the chance, getting 2 hours of painting in before my family got home.

Colours used;
white, golden yellow, livery green, splinter blotches, sick green, and signal blue.


Base - SG
Shadows -  SG,SB 40-60
highlight - LG, SB
second - LG
third highlight 30-30-40 LG, GY, W
(Metal basecoated in Stonewall grey)

You could skip SB if you wanted and mix LG and SG.


The deepest shadows received SB
The Lightest parts received W with a tiny drop of GY
Last a SB across the transitions to smooth them out, the best part visible transition is the chain sword.

The glazing really pulls it together,I'm still thinking about the base so stay tuned for a surprise.


SOM warhammer wiki
Lester's youtube paint job.


  1. Oh I like where this is going. SOM are a great chapter to work on with that bright green.

  2. I agree, its really neat, next up Im planing to do some "artur" styled chipping.