Friday, 18 April 2014

Sons Of Medusa WiP 3

Chipped armor with cracks and NMM Plasma pistol work.

I felt like I needed to make his armor and chain sword beaten up and the pistol clean and crisp to stand out.

You can see I have finished the freehand shoulder pad and started the Chips by making the black outlines and filling them in with the VMC mahogany and 2b2 the sand over the top to get a little colour variation. A white line under and black line around the whole chip helps to make it look "realistic" in a comic book way. You have to have a look at Camelson's work, He inspired me to change the style of chipping. Thanks Camelson.

I was not that happy with the look so I have made the cracks on the armor larger and tried to spread them out. I have gone over some of the white with the black lines so will have to re do them later. Below is the original with out so many cracks.

NMM Brass/Gold Plasma Pistol.

The colours used are much the same as usual but I added Dwarf Skin to the mix to make it a little more brass-ish, I think its turned out pretty well not so yellow.

I 2brush blended the initial colours then when back and glazed to get a finer finish.

NMM Brass/gold colours.

You maybe wondering where I used the Purple, it was for the darkest parts of the NMM work used only as a glaze to darken the Brown.

Thanks for looking comments welcome :)

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