Sunday, 6 April 2014

kikumiku7 Imperial Fist Marine

Today I have a little show and tell.

I have been following Kikumiku7's youtube/google+ channel for a while, after contacting him for a swap he was kind enough to send me a gift. Typically it arrived while I was at work, my wife called to say a package from Poland had arrived I knew who it was from but I didn't know what was inside!

While talking to him I offered some favoured space marine chapters and said "paint something that takes your fancy, a space wolf, crimson fist, or imperial fist", expecting it would take a while I surprisingly got a message back a day later "its done and in the post!"

 It's just AWESOME!

I'm very impressed with the colour combinations and the shades of yellow used. Battle damage is simple but effective. The Zenithal lighting is great and also pulls your eye to the most exciting parts of the mini. It's great to see a slightly different take on painting the bolter. Thanks Kumi, this will help improve my painting skills and give me something to look at while I'm at my desk.

On a side note readers, you may know about Massive Voodoo  but if not check them out, they have a wealth of info and here is the tutorial on Zenithal lighting if you're interested.

Happy Painting :)

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