Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sons Of Medusa WiP 2

A little more work done yesterday. .

 Instead of telling you how I did it, I will show you the link from Dre4mit who came up with the idea for this type of base.

The Colours I have used before on the Chaos Lord Base, I did change it a little by also using Livery Green in a few small areas around the feet area. A final highlight of 50-50% white and wolf grey only for the highest points and areas I wanted to pick out.

Its not over yet there will be a few washes and pigments used to tie it in further.

Black lining with German Grey, for the sword Signal Blue then darkened with GG. I added a little glaze of Hexed Lichen purple to the shadows of the metal also. You will be pleased to see I drilled out the Plasma gun too.

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