Monday, 20 January 2014

Modifying Miniatures and Inspiration.

I quite like the Imperial fist marine done buy Thor here is his link and his finished mini below. Now its seems to me that a high end painter starts a trend with an award winning miniature and every one else replicates the idea in their own style and finesse. 

So Thor painted his one for a client who was was inspired buy Volomir's work on Brother Fonsel. This was His entry in GD Germany 2008, it was awarded gold in single 40k.

If you go to his blog you will see where his inspiration came from too!

 My Project pre stage 1

I'm still working on getting the pose right. I think I will have to shorten the bent leg's thigh to get it looking better.

Chainsword arm, cut his wrist and arm to adjust the sword to rest across his Knee.

I think I will swap the helmet for a face and put the helmet on the ground.

Change the helm that he is standing on for a geenstealers head.

Do I keep the bolter or swap it for something else or just give him a clenched fist and adjust his arm too.

I have chosen plain chest armor so I can hopefully nail the yellow transition and have it look really neat, I could be diswaded for a different on as I could need some thing to break up  the yellow too?


My Mind is thinking "Ridick" styles, monsters in the dark kinda thing. So having a dawn theme with him looking out to the sunrise on a clif type thing and a defined line on the base where darkness is below and a corpse of the headless geenstealer lays. It feels pretty epic to me.

Its Bold enough to challenge my skill with a different angle light source and modifications are all new to me. Currently stuck together with blue tack and missing half a foot Im still playing with compostion. Once Im happy with how he looks I will snap some reference shots so I can pin and milliput his new pose with references.

Ideas and expertise are appreciated.

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  1. I have nothing to offer except: Coooooooooooooooooooool! I love any vignettes featuring the humble line trooper.:)