Sunday, 19 January 2014

Descent Second Edition and happy New Year!

Happy New year to all!

 I am still deciding what my goals are this year for painting. All I know is that I want to keep on improving, Being active in the CMON forums is a great help so I will keep on with that. I'm looking forward to Meg Maple's Master Class in February, I expect I will learn a lot, somethings I know about and others I don't even know I will learn until I do!. 

I would quite like to score an 8 on CMON buy the end of the year, we will see what happens.
I'm going to enter the Wellington Golden Brush again this year run buy the local games workshop. I will try for all categories, I have until September to get them all done, So Ideas would be cool. I know they have been getting hauled over the coals for a while now but I still like their miniatures and try to paint a variety of brands. On a side note I'm looking forward to painting some rackham steam dwarves with Zab too.

News. .
My brother and I have been painting the board game Descent off and on for almost a year, having finished most of the monsters.Last weekend we  decided to start some hero's.

Our goal was to make the hero's as much like the cards as possible. Bear in mind these are works in progress, the only monsters that are finished (just need basing) are the fish bad boys!
Fish Monsters

 Dragon 1 the other will be green like the card, a few extra highlights to be done and details.
 Base colours have been laid, next is details and some small pure white highlights.
last but not least table top Ultra marine.


  1. Geez! Great start on those, the fish guys are amazing! Maybe you should paint up some of those deep wars figures too in the future.

  2. AH I just looked them up there are some neat minis there!

    1. Yeah sorry, you shouldn't have looked them up. I keep looking up new minis and it's not doing my wallet any good.