Sunday, 26 January 2014

Imperial Fists, Base Re-Think

I have had an hour or so each night for miniatures, I'm currently addicted to getting the scene right for the imperial fist marine.

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So after putting a base together I decided it looked too static and cut the mound off. I  looked up some scoria and squeezed some brain juice for a dynamic looking rock.
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After thinking about it all day while on Daddy duties I had this idea.
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I made the cork smaller and removed some of it so the finished piece will be a similar size to the cork.(once covered in milliput)

I think it looks much better, slightly positioned diagonally from the top view to create some depth also. 

 I was going to make it removable but my goal is to improve my painting skills not really use them for gaming. After fluffing around deciding if it was going to be socketed or not I reduced the height. THEN Thanks to Zab I cut another 2 layers of cork off so it looks much more like the sketch.

I have just glued the new formation to the old base, 2 hours to set. In case you are wondering what I used to glue it, expanding epoxy adhesive. That way I didn't have to bother getting a flat surface between the two pieces.

I will have to put a bit more milliput on to fill up the joint so I can sculpt it later.

Stay tuned. .


  1. I'm really enjoying this one. And you have inspired me to do a 40k scout diorama next. ~sigh~ oh well, so much for swearing off dio's for a while. At least there won't be any OSL.

  2. Oww exciting. Will you give me a hint of the dio, what faction of scout, or will I have to wait for an update on your page? looking forward to it.
    A small Dio is pretty good my base is 45x45mm, just fits a genestealer lying flat.(with out a head)