Saturday, 14 December 2013

Arcane Paintworks

So I have recently found out that Meg Maples is coming to Australia and New Zealand for a tour and will be holding master classes across the two countries.

I had a look for something like this months ago and now I have this opportunity. I have enrolled and I'm looking forward to the 2 day course.

 I'm looking forward to painting the Steampunk Dorothy from Guild of Harmony for the class.

Meg will be covering the following topics in my class and leave the remaining time for open Q&A. ( I hope I can squeeze in some basing Q's)

  • Mini prep--cleaning, gluing tricks, priming
  • Basecoating--paint consistency and undercoats
  • 2 brush blending
  • Glazing
  • Freehand
  • Faces, skin and hair
  • Colour theory
  • True Metallics vs NMM vs Sky-Earth NMM
  • Pigments--weathering, color shifting, pearlescent, dayglow
  • Display base discussion
  • How to store minis
  • Competition vs tabletop vs display
  • Palettes; Well vs Wet
So Im looking forward to the class in Feburary and Im sure it will arrive faster than I expect.

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  1. 2BB is super fun, but actually quite hard. Some swear by it and others curse it to hell. I love it on larger minis.