Thursday, 27 October 2016

Rogue One Rebel Helmet - Dome Armor

Been playing around with making the armor dome/ring/thing.

Once I had pulled a bunch of  reference pics in to fusion 360 I started making up the armor that goes around the helmet, Im not planning on Printing it just yet as Im hoping for some new images to crop up on the internet because I have kinda guessed the back and afew of the angles around there as best I can. I may print a scaled down version say 100mm just to see how it looks and make any changes that way.

Couldnt quite get the same angle as the poster but you can see I have the general volume.

I just Know there will be some extra detail on the back, its just a matter of

Possibily need to flair out the bottom a touch.

Side was the best reference material.


You can just make out there are some holes on the the right of his helmet too.

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