Monday, 16 February 2015

The Great War Exhibition Miniature Painting Project. Part 3

Alright this time I have Turks to paint. A friend mentioned to use auto primer and it seems to be a lot better than standard primer for metal.
Auto etch primer thinly sprayed. Filled shoulder gaps with putty.

1 highlight 1 shadow over the base colour.

should come up alright with a spot wash on folds etc.

Bonus resin casting
  The first time I tried using resin it worked pretty well, the next time I tried it didn't go so well as there was not enough surface area to set the resin.  I should have taken a pic of the failed resin. It was salvageable so cleaned up the base and this is round 2. Cut and super glued the ice cream lid around the base. Making sure it is sealed. mixed the resin as per instructions.

I feel a bit better about this one too, way less ink. its pretty much clear I'm hoping the blue that's on the sea bed is enough to give that cold feeling. I have not put the ice shelf on yet. A buddy and I discussed it and think it was a factor in the last pour not setting( not enough air to cure it).

paint on 

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