Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Great War Exhibition Miniature Painting Project. Part 1

I have great pleasure in being part of a giant diorama project for commerating WW1.  You can read more about whats going on for the NZ First world war centenary and the Mustering the troops Blog about painting 4000 miniatures!

My first 10 (out of 40) are ANZAC troops digging. Plenty of preparation, I had to pin the wrists at the handle end of the shovel and file back the shoulder joints a fair bit to get them to fit.

After a good wash I glued them together.

I primed them and filled the imperfections and joints.
As there are 4000 to paint, the goal is pretty simple; nothing too crazy and a good standard of base colours and washes.


  1. That is cool, great project :) I'm doing the NOFC thing again this year myself.

    1. Cheers Zab, its nice to paint something like this and experience a larger scale mini. (54mm) that was Macraggie last year ay? I think I would like to be involved with that in the future if possible.