Friday, 11 November 2016

Star Wars Rogue One Rebel Helmet - Helmet Armor Mk2

The new Rogue One trailer has added a few extra seconds of footage that has enabled me to get the details I needed to continue the work on the helmet armor.

If your interested in the armor there is a run coming together on the RPF, as you can see its still in the process of design but hope to have a printed test armor by the end of the week all things going to plan, then I send to files to the USA for another RPF member to roto cast.

I was not completely happy with the first version of the armor. My problem was I wanted to ensure that when I printed out the helmet armor it would be a tidy fit around the M1 helmet. So after a fair bit of thought and a discussion with a friend I started to look at photo aps that convert images to 3d objects. I used autocad ReMake.

After Processing and editing.

 Once that was done I exported it to Fusion 360 and started work.

Once I was happy that I had the initial shape I imported a few background canvas's and adjusted them to fit. 
That's what I have so far, The work continues.

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